What Sets Us Apart

At the University of San Francisco, there’s always a spot at the table. Top of their class, first in their family, least included, most likely to — we’ve chosen to make USF diverse. And it’s our job as an inclusive community to find common ground and then move to higher ground. Explore the vision and values that make USF unique.

Engaged Learning

Our style of education is deeply challenging and personal, where students and faculty work together to create an experiential academic environment.

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Passion for Justice

A commitment to a calling greater than personal achievement is what makes the University of San Francisco truly unique.

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Equipped to Lead and Succeed

USF students graduate as broadly educated individuals with the professional skills and cultural competencies to succeed in their first career and their next.

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San Francisco Advantage

Our university is anchored in the place where it grew up. It’s a mutually complementary relationship — our campus as platform for citywide conversations and San Francisco as living laboratory for USF students. Also, it’s only snowed here once in 40 years.

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Change the World From Here

At USF, “here” means more than physical location. Transformative learning experiences inspire students to change the world for themselves and others.

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